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Production worker (meat products factory) Wijchen, v Holandsku, Od 10,36€ k 11,89€/hodina

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Náplň práce

Terbeke is slicing and packing cured meats
products. Production covers the process from raw material receipt up to
and including delivery of the finished and packaged product to the
warehouse. A production site has several (integrated)
production lines on which the product is cut, packaged individually,
labeled and put in a package. Dry and clean work environment, no blood

Tasks and responsibility:

  1. Production (slicing, composition)

Core tasks:

– loading / supplementing raw material on line;
– checking the cutting process (visual, weight within tolerance limits, number of slices) and noticing irregularities;

carrying out manual unambiguous (restoration) work (for example, manual
straightening of product on the line, manual composition of product on
the line).

  1. Packaging

Core tasks:

– replenishment of packaging materials;
– manual packing / repacking of product and closing of packaging;

carrying out manual unambiguous (restoration) work (eg manual removal
of finished products, straightening of product on the line, repacking of
product, processing of rejected product);
– checking of packaging (visual, vacuum leakage, scaling) and noticing irregularities.

  1. Labeling

Core Tasks:

– supplementing labels;
– manual (re) labeling of product;
– checking the automated labeling process (position label, code, quality label) and noticing irregularities.

  1. Collecting package

Core Tasks:

– correctly packing correct quantities into crates using a crate machine;
– visual inspection of finished product (label, insert, etc.);
– crates provided with a crate card;
– (have) disposed of finished product

        5. Ceaning

Core Tasks:

– notice and report technical problems;
– keeping the workplace and environment clean.




Required properties, knowledge and meaningful skills:

  • Basic knowledge of machine operation is welcome.
  • Experience in food production is welcome.
  • Worker need to be able and wanting to learn new things
  • Ability to work in a group, communicates his actions with the group
  • Ability to work at a fast pace,
  • Ability of careful handling of materials and resources
  • Serious, long time availability, being able to stand on feet all day.
  • High quality of work, follow the instructions and procedures- English is required.



You should speak at least basic English language skills.